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Elaine Zimmermann is the nationally known author of "How to Retire with a Million Dollars - A Levelheaded Guide To Real Estate Investing". She has appeared on numerous national TV business shows. Her endorsements include The New York Times, MONEY Magazine and many others

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Monday, July 06
MAKE $1,500 a DAY with foreclosure clean-out businessAll the info is FREE.

Sunday, March 29
Great news. Buy prescriptions for almost nothing overseas.

Thursday, July 17
Money's tight.  Get a free meal at Zaxby's.  No kidding.  No other purchases required.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, July 14
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Friday, May 09
There is a buying frenzy in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The massive housing shortage since Katrina made this the next bomb area. 
For info on short sale and all the documents you need go to

Friday, March 28
Foreclosures and short sales are still a wonderful value. 
Pay $20K for a $350K house

Thursday, February 28
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Wednesday, February 27
What to do about a short sale with liens?
In order for pass clear title, all liens must be released. The lien holders are either paid in full, or agree to accept a lesser amount to release the lien they hold. Not unless all liens are cleared, can a clear title pass. If a buyer is financing a property, the lender will require clear title in order to fund the buyer's loan.

It takes much time and endless patience to see a short sale through. There is no predictability and banks do not make decisions rationally.

If the amount you are willing to pay is less than the collective acceptances and approvals of all lien holders, it won't work.

A bank can also abandon your offer in favor of another if one comes in a few thousand higher than yours. Be prepared for surprises.......and be patient.

If you are lacking in time or patience, a short sale might not be the route for you.

Saturday, February 16
Half of the new mortgages are writen for people buying foreclosures.  Pay $20K for a $250K house.  For  a free list go to

Wednesday, February 13
It was reported yesterday that 38% of the home purchasers in the past two years are upside down on their mortgages--owing more than the home is worth. 
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Thursday, February 07
There more foreclosures than ever!  Go to
to see the most recent listings for FREE.

Friday, December 28
For short sale contracts and all the information you need to make $350K-$500K
Home prices are strong in North Carolina.  Check out New Bern, NC for wonderful waterfront property without the hefty hurricane insurance.

Saturday, October 20
Finding a foreclosure before anyone else or a "pre-foreclosure" can be a worthwhile investment. Buying a preforeclosure from a bank as a "short sale" can guarantee the purchaser equity on the day of closing. A "short sale" or "short payoff sale" is one in which the lender allows the property to be sold for less than the existing loan balance.

You can find all the step-by-step information you need at

Friday, October 12
Everyone is asking me about the difference between short sales and foreclosures. Briefly, foreclosures have already been taken back by the bank, so you are negotiating with the lender. 
In short sales the home owner is in trouble, but you are not dealing with the bank.
You are dealing with the owner. 
Go to to learn everything you need for $19.
All contracts included.  Make $150,000 per deal.

Saturday, September 22
Short sales are very hot.  If you want all the contracts and documents you need, go to  It's only $19.  Money Back Guarantee!
Some people are making $150,000 per Deal!

Thursday, September 13
Thursday, Sept. 13 I am going to be on a live Webinar.  If you wish to ask me questions about Short Sales or anything else go to and sign up for the webinar at 8PM Central time.
See you there!

Wednesday, July 18
Short sales are very hot.  If you want all the contracts and documents you need, go to  It's only $19.  Money Back Guarantee!
Some people are making $150,000 per Deal!

Tuesday, June 19
I know you have a lot of interest in preforeclosures, foreclosures and short sales.
The contract and instructions you need to short sales are at www.foreclosuremillioniaires.comOne gentleman just make $250,000 on one deal!.  Get your preforeclosure list at

Thursday, June 07
So many people are interested in foreclosures and short sale buying.  With so many people in trouble with their mortgages this is a good time to pick up some real deals.
To find short sales in your area, I suggest making inexpensive signs you can post in intersections or on utility poles.  They should read "Avoid Foreclosure.  We May Payments 555-5555".  When people call, find out how much equity they have before proceeding.  You want at least $25,000 or more before you begin working on the deal.  Much less and you have too little profit to work with. Some houses have $80,000 or more. This is a wonderful profit for a few hours work!  Go to to get everything you need to begin making $350,000-$500,000 a year.  Good luck!

Wednesday, May 16
There is such a lot of interest in short sales, I will discuss what they are.  The banks will sell a home "short" when the owner is unable to continue making the payments.
The best short sales for an investor are those homes with at least 25% equity in them.  On some deals you can make $25,000-$100,000 on one transaction.
Most sites dealing with short sales charge on price for the basic information and and then ask you for an addition $350-$5000 for the documents you will need to do the sale.  Go to to get everything you need for $19.
Good luck.

Sunday, May 06
I have just added easier to print documents on
For $19 you can get everything you need to do short sales and start earning $300K-$500K a year.
My best advice on foreclosures is check out the New Bern, NC.  Values are skyrocketing and there is no "hit" from hurricane insurance.
Google my name and read dozen of my free articles on foreclosure investing.
Elaine Zimmermann  (make sure you add in the 2 "n's" at the end)
More next week.

Tuesday, April 17
Florida is now the number one state for foreclosures.  This is due to the high insurance costs that are causing many residents to fall behind on their mortgage payments.  If you want a second home or a beach rental that will pay for itself check out Del Ray Beach, Florida and may other areas.
Go to to see how to pick up a foreclosure with no money.  Good luck.

Tuesday, April 03
Again, if you want to buy a house without every taking possession, the transaction is called a short sale.  You are basically getting the owner to "assign" the house to you while you find a buyer. This is how you can make $50,000 + on a transaction without spending any money.  To learn how to do this, and all the documents you need go to www.foreclosuremillionaires.  It's $19.  Total.  Nothing else to buy. Ever.  Good luck.
More next week.

Monday, March 19
Flipping foreclosures can be extremely lucrative.  Flipping short sales can net you $300K-500K a year.  If you need the documents for short sales, go to I sell them for $19.  It is all you will need to begin the business.  I explain how to do everything. No additional fees.
If you need to do short term financing on these deals, you can use "hard money" lenders.  I only suggest these for short sales, where you intend to get and out of the deal in 45 days or less.
Here a few you can contact: 212-661-8700;, 631-425-4425; 818-766-7977;, 877-490-1203.
More next week.

Monday, March 12
  Let's talk about "hidden foreclosures".   Because banks have so many homes going into foreclosure, they don't want to sell homes at "fire sale" prices if they can avoid it. 
  How do you find these gems?
  Many builders are in trouble with homes and condo right now and keep up the notes.  Banks will work with these builders, using their realtors to try to unload them
without anyone knowing the builder is in default.
  The surest way to spot these is new construction that was formerly being sold by a builder that now has a realtor. 
  More next week.

Tuesday, February 20
Foreclosures are now 1% of the US housing market.  That means there are deals everywhere.  It has means builders are in trouble in many markets.  But these "builder foreclosures" are often "hidden" by banks not wanting "a fire sale"
How to find these hidden gems next week.

Monday, February 05
If you are looking to flip foreclosures, I suggest the Carolinas.  With houses near water skyrocketing these are great areas to buy a foreclosure, either an REO, VA, FHA or HUD and rehab and flip it for a large profit.  More next week.

Monday, January 22
January 22
Foreclosures and Pre-foreclosures are everywhere!  If you want to rehab and flip I suggest you try the Carolinas where profits are soaring.  Atlantic Beach is a hot market and will get hotter! More next week!

Wednesday, January 10
Let's talk about where the hottest properties are now that the housing market is cooling.  Today I will tell you about one of them.  New Bern, NC is on the Neuce River and prices are zooming.  The Neuce River flows to the Atlantic.
This charming historic town is immune to pricey hurricane insurance but offers water views.  Prices are up 50% per year.  I am working with Chris Zelinski at Century 21, 1-877-639-2376.  Or else find a realtor on line. 
More hot markets next week.

Friday, December 29
Get ready for foreclosure deals in California, Nevada, NJ, NY and Michigan.
These states have a high percentage of subprime loans and it is estimated 1 in 5 will be in foreclosure by 2007.
Where is the best place to invest for high appreciation? Where am I making 50-100% return on my money? Check back next week.